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The Fairlie 66
The Fairlie 55
Designed for both cruising and racing, this magnificent yacht reflects the style and quality of a golden age of yachting
The Fairlie 66
The Fairlie 66 is as responsive and easy to handle as her smaller but equally elegant sister.
The Fairlie 77
A beautiful William Fife inspired yacht which is at one cruising extended oceans as she is competing in regattas.
The Fairlie 110
The Fairlie 110 has been developed through our Design Evolution ethos using one of these ‘work in progress’ designs.
Custom design requests & examples of bespoke projects can be viewed on the Fairlie Design site.


Fairlie Yachts Design Conception

Designed for both cruising and racing, these magnificent yachts reflect the style and quality of a golden age of yachting. This coupled with a modern underwater body and rig, creates a yacht which is as easy to handle as any modern yacht on the market today.

Our Green Credentials

At Fairlie Yachts we are concerned about the hardwoods and trees that go into building these yachts

The Fairlie Build

A substantial yacht is made up of a thousand details, and the whole may be far greater than the sum of these parts, yet without people, she is nothing

Design Concepts

The yacht designs showcased in these pages were conceived by a desire to make Fairlie’s unique quality, skills and knowledge available to a wider group of individuals



Fairlie Restorations of Fife classics began in 1985 with a rich history running through to the launch of a new range of classic Yachts.

Skills and Workforce

Fairlie has a history of working with a skilled workforce, drawing on the history of traditional yacht building in the Southampton area


From 1987, and starting with the Altair project, Fairlie have been restoring traditional sailing yachts of all sizes

Fife’s Legacy

With the first decade of the 21st Century run its course, a few thoughts on the reasons why the designs of a third generation Ayrshire born yacht designer remain so important 150 years after his birth

Fairlie 66 Classic yacht for sale

The Fairlie 66

When designing the Fairlie 66 it was felt that the yachts that inspired the Fairlie 55 were too far removed from a yacht of these proportions. A truly elegant yacht cannot simply comprise a collection of different classic styling clichés; a family cruising yacht with a doghouse styled on that of a J-Class, or a small yacht with disproportionately high freeboard in order to satisfy a desire for a flush deck. These sort of compromises will only spoil the delicate balance of proportions that are so prevalent in the designs of yesteryear.

In order to satisfy this classic proportionality it was again necessary to fit a coachroof for headroom below and on a yacht of this size a doghouse was felt desirable for comfort and safety at sea. But yachts adhering to these criteria were not the norm at the time of Fife so it was necessary to look towards the 50’s for inspiration and the magnificent yachts of designers such as Sparkman & Stephens, Laurent Giles and Sangemani. The Fairlie 66 is therefore a yacht that is entirely true to a classic style entirely relevant to its size.

This styling blended with the powerful hull lines and appendages developed for the Fairlie 55 allows the Fairlie 66 to be as responsive and easy to handle as her smaller but equally elegant sister.

hull & deck

The hull is constructed from a laminated mahogany backbone and frames, with a layer of Douglas fir strip planking, two layers of mahogany veneers laid at 45 degrees and one layer fore & aft. The entire structure is laminated using West System Epoxy Resin and is finally covered with two layers of GRP for protection.

The deck is built from a layer of marine plywood grooved on the underside, and laid with 12mm thick, swept teak decking with a varnished king plank, covering boards and toe rail.

The ultra-modern fin and bulb keel has an SG cast iron fin and a lead bulb and is assembled and bolted through the hull structure. The spade rudder is a laminated plywood blade with a stainless steel shaft.

The hull is painted with an Awlgrip / International urethane paint system on the topsides and a hard antifouling.

On deck the varnish work will be Epiphanes Gloss Varnish.


Fairlie 66 plans and elevations


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