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Our passion for classic yachts stems from the beautiful designs  of William Fife Jr. He was one of the most important and prolific naval architects in the late 19th and early 20th century. His output of over 500 yachts from 1882 to 1940, most of which were built under his guiding hand in the village of Fairlie in Ayrshire, Scotland. His artistic eye and feel for the shape of a curve quickly brought him a reputation for designing the most beautiful and desirable yachts of the time.

Paul Spooner worked as chief naval architect and technical director with Fairlie for 16 years. Fairlie's beautiful designs for our modern classic yachts owe much to Paul’s study of this great yacht designer.

The Cafe Classic, a new take on a design from the 1880's

The Cafe Classic, a new take on a design from the 1880's


About Paul Spooner Design

For many years now we have been working with the talented team at Paul Spooner Design, with their services being enlisted for all of our recent modern classic new builds.

With many new yacht designs already launched and many more client driven concepts designed, the team at Paul Spooner Design has a track record for creating exceptional yachts, achieving stunning performance both cruising and on the regatta circuit. Covering every aspect of the design, from structural engineering to naval architecture and classification, Paul Spooner Design deliver the complete package. The Exterior Styling and aesthetics of a yacht are critical to the overall design and create the all important ‘first impression’. The most striking exterior styling is governed by proportion; the most memorable designs sharing many common proportional relationships that are ‘easy on the eye’. Transferring these traditional styling characteristics to contemporary design projects Paul Spooner Design are able to deliver timeless elegance and grace.

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